Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???


I know the ML amps and Revel speakers make a solid match, but given the recent changes in ML, I have some issues with buying their amps right now. I would also like a SLIGHTLY more forward presentation than the ML/Revel combo does, though I could easily live with it and be quite happy.

I am considering either 5 ML 436's or Krell Evo 403/402 to power Revel Ultima2 Salons front Studio surrounds and Voice center. Pre/pro is a Meridian 861v4 and several sources exist including Esoteric DV-50s, Meridian G98DH, Toshiba HD XA2, Samsung BDP-1200.... you get the main idea. Cables are Transparent reference for the front so far and likely will be reference for the surrounds when all is said and done.

I can't find any one nearby who sells Krell, Levinson and Revel to compare them so am seeking anyone with experience of these combo's to chime in with your thought and opinions.

All help is appreciated!

Well, I ordered the five ML 436's last night.

Done, off the fence....... for now!
I just did the Evo 402e for my Studio 2's, replacing a No432. It's in a different league, sorry ML does buy perfection. DEEEEP bass, open and airy, and so quiet in the background, it's almost eery!!
Sanibelsteve is dead-on correct. Really great amps like Krell and Levinson sound identical, within their power envelopes. To get a solid state amp of that quality to sound different it has to be engineered with a non-flat frequency response, or a higher than necessary and fluctuating output impedance. Bob Carver used to do exactly that in the '80s to get his solid state amps to sound as flawed as tube amps, thinking it would give people the colored but pleasing sound he thought they wanted. Carver called it "modifying the transfer function". I call it preying on the uneducated. ;-)
Well, I never got the 5x436's as they were backordered so I took a 433 for a while but have had the Krell Evo 403 for a few years now, you just can't beat the bottom end on the Krells and the new Evo line (esp the 'e' models) are insanely good!