Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???


I know the ML amps and Revel speakers make a solid match, but given the recent changes in ML, I have some issues with buying their amps right now. I would also like a SLIGHTLY more forward presentation than the ML/Revel combo does, though I could easily live with it and be quite happy.

I am considering either 5 ML 436's or Krell Evo 403/402 to power Revel Ultima2 Salons front Studio surrounds and Voice center. Pre/pro is a Meridian 861v4 and several sources exist including Esoteric DV-50s, Meridian G98DH, Toshiba HD XA2, Samsung BDP-1200.... you get the main idea. Cables are Transparent reference for the front so far and likely will be reference for the surrounds when all is said and done.

I can't find any one nearby who sells Krell, Levinson and Revel to compare them so am seeking anyone with experience of these combo's to chime in with your thought and opinions.

All help is appreciated!


I had the ARC Ref 5 for over a year and have only a few hundred hours on the AE so not yet fully burned in (my Ref 5 improved to ~650 hours!) The EMM Labs combo made my Esoteric DV-50s sound harsh and cheap, I tried to just buy the DAC2 SE and use the Esoteric as a transport but the EMM TSD1 was SO much more musical I bought both pieces.

The Ref 5 and even a bit more so the AE have amazing control and detail of the bottom end, as do the Krell Evo amps and the Wilson Sasha's can do some serious bottom end as well, so the bass is exceptional and the rest is detailed and smooth so totally not fatiguing. I really like this combo and it is the best set up I have had to date. Sounds awesome for HT as well!
Bruce: I'm anxious to hear how you like the MMF CAST cables.
I have a EVO202/402e system which tomorrow will be powering a new pair of Salon 2's. Right now I am using the origional CAST cables but have wanted to upgrade for a while.
I have delayed because i keep reading how the MMF (Nordost) cables sound lean.
Looking forward to your thoughts......
I tried some CAST cables (original ones I think) and they were nothing when compared to Transparent Reference, much less the Ref XL.

YMMV but CAST didn't work well for me when I ran the Evo 707 to the 403.
Kennyt...nice system dude.
I got close to buying the Sashas but they were exactly twice the price of the Salons and I just couldn't step up to the plate...just bought a new SME 20/12A and Strain Gauge cartridge!
The Sashas were very impressive!
So what did CAST do to your system you didn't like?
Aloha Mauidji - I am still waiting on delivery of the MMF CAST cables. It's been a month now! I needed 10m I guess that entails a custom order at the Nordost plant. Anyway, dealer tells me I should have them in a couple weeks.

Some on Agon rave about the MMF and others seem to simply have an aversion to anything Nordost. However, I have not found anyone who has really listened to the latest MMF CAST cables and not been a fan. As you would imagine, Krell claims the MMF cable is far superior to their prior CAST offerings. The story is actually kinda interesting. I will paraphrase below ....

With the original CAST cables, Dan D (former head of Krell) believed that he had invented a new cable paradigm (current vs voltage) that would serve as a bit of an "FU" to the high end audiophile cable industry. Nordost and several other manufactures were qualified to make the first two versions of CAST cables. Then, several years later, Nordost approached Krell with a prototype of the current "MMF" CAST cable....and upon listening, Krell decided that it was indeed superior to their prior CAST offerings.

For me, the proof will be in the pudding. I'll let you know my own detailed thoughts on the MMF cables in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.