Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???


I know the ML amps and Revel speakers make a solid match, but given the recent changes in ML, I have some issues with buying their amps right now. I would also like a SLIGHTLY more forward presentation than the ML/Revel combo does, though I could easily live with it and be quite happy.

I am considering either 5 ML 436's or Krell Evo 403/402 to power Revel Ultima2 Salons front Studio surrounds and Voice center. Pre/pro is a Meridian 861v4 and several sources exist including Esoteric DV-50s, Meridian G98DH, Toshiba HD XA2, Samsung BDP-1200.... you get the main idea. Cables are Transparent reference for the front so far and likely will be reference for the surrounds when all is said and done.

I can't find any one nearby who sells Krell, Levinson and Revel to compare them so am seeking anyone with experience of these combo's to chime in with your thought and opinions.

All help is appreciated!

Aloha Mauidji - I am still waiting on delivery of the MMF CAST cables. It's been a month now! I needed 10m I guess that entails a custom order at the Nordost plant. Anyway, dealer tells me I should have them in a couple weeks.

Some on Agon rave about the MMF and others seem to simply have an aversion to anything Nordost. However, I have not found anyone who has really listened to the latest MMF CAST cables and not been a fan. As you would imagine, Krell claims the MMF cable is far superior to their prior CAST offerings. The story is actually kinda interesting. I will paraphrase below ....

With the original CAST cables, Dan D (former head of Krell) believed that he had invented a new cable paradigm (current vs voltage) that would serve as a bit of an "FU" to the high end audiophile cable industry. Nordost and several other manufactures were qualified to make the first two versions of CAST cables. Then, several years later, Nordost approached Krell with a prototype of the current "MMF" CAST cable....and upon listening, Krell decided that it was indeed superior to their prior CAST offerings.

For me, the proof will be in the pudding. I'll let you know my own detailed thoughts on the MMF cables in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.
Bruce328i...many mahalos!
I await your review with much anticipation.
I believe an upgrade from the original CAST cables will be well worth while but I have been confused by the love it or hate it reviews.
As you said...there are many out there who have a natural aversion to Nordost cables in general.
Meanwhile I don't want to get into the whole custom CAST thing as some have done with Transparent, Synergistic etc.
My breath is baited ;-)
I did not try the Nordost or Transparent CAST, but for me the original Krell CAST cables sounded a bit anemic and thin compared to my balance Transparent Ref and Ref XL.

I might even still have a pair of 10m runs if you want them..... (can't now remember if I sold them or not!)
Hi Kenny,

I have the Sasha's and Maxx 3's at home with Evo 600's and Ayre mx-r's. The ayre are used with Sasha (because of size constraints), but I have done some in-home a/b tests and I prefer the Ayre amps. I actually agree very much with what was written in the stereophile mx-r review comparing them to the Krells. The 600's do have a bit better bass/ grunt but the Ayre's are so musical and make bad recordings sound much better. The Ayre's are less fatiguing as well- I could listen to them all day long. CAST narrows the gap somewhat but you have excellent interconnects and lack a CAST preamp so that doesnt't come into play for you. If you have any questions let me know. I recommend trying the Ayre's. I have not heard the 600e's and am hesitant to upgrade.
How do you know that Ayre sounds so much better and are less fatiguing when you admit to not having heard Krell?

I just don't get it. This is nonsense.