Krell or Mark Levinson with Revel Ultima2's???


I know the ML amps and Revel speakers make a solid match, but given the recent changes in ML, I have some issues with buying their amps right now. I would also like a SLIGHTLY more forward presentation than the ML/Revel combo does, though I could easily live with it and be quite happy.

I am considering either 5 ML 436's or Krell Evo 403/402 to power Revel Ultima2 Salons front Studio surrounds and Voice center. Pre/pro is a Meridian 861v4 and several sources exist including Esoteric DV-50s, Meridian G98DH, Toshiba HD XA2, Samsung BDP-1200.... you get the main idea. Cables are Transparent reference for the front so far and likely will be reference for the surrounds when all is said and done.

I can't find any one nearby who sells Krell, Levinson and Revel to compare them so am seeking anyone with experience of these combo's to chime in with your thought and opinions.

All help is appreciated!

Hi Kenny,

I have the Sasha's and Maxx 3's at home with Evo 600's and Ayre mx-r's. The ayre are used with Sasha (because of size constraints), but I have done some in-home a/b tests and I prefer the Ayre amps. I actually agree very much with what was written in the stereophile mx-r review comparing them to the Krells. The 600's do have a bit better bass/ grunt but the Ayre's are so musical and make bad recordings sound much better. The Ayre's are less fatiguing as well- I could listen to them all day long. CAST narrows the gap somewhat but you have excellent interconnects and lack a CAST preamp so that doesnt't come into play for you. If you have any questions let me know. I recommend trying the Ayre's. I have not heard the 600e's and am hesitant to upgrade.
How do you know that Ayre sounds so much better and are less fatiguing when you admit to not having heard Krell?

I just don't get it. This is nonsense.

He said he had not heard the 600e's. The 'e' model is a significant improvement over the original Evo amp line.

Steve, The Ayre are very good amps, but in my rig their is nothing fatiguing about the Sasha so I too have no need to 'upgrade' besides I think the smaller Sasha's could benefit from the bass of the Krell amp so will likely stay their for now.
I've had my Ultima 2's for a week now and all I can say is..... wow!
I auditioned them originally with McIntosh gear and liked them enough to make the purchase.
But getting them home and powered by my EVO202/402e combo was and is a revelation.
As hackneyed as it sounds...I am hearing stuff I've never heard before on albums I know intimately. My EVO505 has never sounded so good...even with Red Book Cd's.
I haven't even tried to critically dial in the placement yet as the sound is so damn good it just isn't a pressing need right now.
Can't wait for my new SME 20/12 to arrive and hear these babies with vinyl.
3 thumbs up!!!