Krell Power Cords???

I know the Krell manuals state that Krell components work best with their stock PC's, but what have people here found to be true?

Any recommendations???
Hi there,

The stock Krell PC's are decent quality, not the type that comes with your computer for instance. However, changing the stock PC's to the ESP Essence cords definitely improved my setup substantially. Bass became tighter and textured, blacker blackgrounds allowing the notes to come as if from nowhere. Noise you don't know is there is suddenly gone.
THe ESP's were flavour of the month five or so years back, but to be honest I've never tried any other brands in my system, so I'm not sure how the ESP's stack up against the others.

As with all cables, synergy and matching is everything. I would only consider those brands who will allow a home trial.

I believe Krell uses shielded 14 AWG Beldens but most high-end cords are better. Take a look at Pure Note and TG audio.
The Krell Power cords are actually fairly good, (relative to other manufacturers)

If you want to go with something reasonable try a TG audio SLVR, If you want something that will really make your Krell sing try a Harminix -Xdc. I can not say enough favorable about this cord.
My FPB300cx came stock with #10 wire & works well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Especially since it is hard wired in. Spend the $ on a case of fine wine. That's bound to change the sound more than a new power cord.


The factory cord is all you'll ever need, as Krell or any other reputable amp manufacturer will confirm. Sure, some companies are beginning to market certain brand names with their products to increase sales, but once you understand what's involved with typical linear power supply requirements (transformers, rectification, filtering, and possible regulation), exotic materials will only gain you a FEW milivolts (if any) over a properly sized "stock" copper variation. Typical incoming AC voltage varies more than that at any given moment. Oh, and as stated in several other threads, don't forget about the non-audiophile outlet wiring behind your sheetrock walls. Nothing fancy there, right?

Don't take mine or other's word for it. Call several amp manufacturers that aren't marketing cords. If it made a difference, all of the combined engineering would agree, along with decades of electronic principals. Put the money into component upgrades.