Krell Resolution 1 vs. Wilson Sophia

I am currently looking at either of the Krell Res. 1's or the Wilson Sophias. I have Krell electronics. Anyone out there have any experience on an AB comparison with these 2 speakers? Any comments are greatly appreciated.
I know of no speaker designs that can hang with e-stats or planer designs....Why limit your self to these two?

Save your self some money and pick up a used pair of Watt/Pup V, or series 6. They will play down to a small space very well, they work very well with Krell Electronics.
And if you upgrade the space of your room they can accomodate that as well!
Sophia's are very musical, beautiful to look at, and easy to work with. I feed them with all Krells (KPS-28c, KCT, 400cx). They don't go as deep in bass though - I supplement mine with Rel Stadium III subwoofer and very happy. You can pick up used Pup VI, will go deeper in bass (I would not mess with Pup V) for around $8.5K to $9K.
I find the Sophias more enjoyable to listen to over the long-term than the W/P 6. The 6 still is bright to my ears although does have better bass than the Sophias. The Sophias top to bottom are much more coherant to me too. The 7s are much better in this regard.

fwiw, I think the better jump is from Sophias to Maxxs rather than even 7s.