Krell Showcase Software Version

Hi, all,

I see a number of Krell Showcase Pre/Pro for sale here and I am somewhat tempted. Some sellers indicated that their Krell has software version XXX while others didn't. My question is does it matter? I think for the HTS 7.1, the software upgrade allows more features, but it wasn't clear to me if the same is true for the Showcase. Any inputs?

Hey there, I really don't know either but always wondered?? All I can tell you is for what these are going for you can't go wrong. It is an extremely incredible processor, and even worked wonders as just a preamp. I hate to see mine go especially at these prices!! Goodluck!
Thanks for your response. The funny thing is since my initial post, I jumped on a great deal for the HTS7.1 instead. I am still curious but not for a practical reason anymore. I agree with you though that for the price the Showcase is going for here it can't be bad, right? Especially if you don't need the latest decoding ability (I am perfectly happy to let the universal player do that). Cheers.