Krell versus Pass

Has anyone had firsthand experience comparing a Krell cx series amp with a Pass x-350.5 amp? I know the two are perhaps more similar than different such as might be the case between SS and tubes. But I traded in my Krell KPS25sc because the Pass X-1 was very clearly better and more musical. My experience with retail audio is that there is never a chance to listen without a sales agenda and the experience is never helpful.
try the XA-series mentioned as new series by Nrchy such as XA-100, XA-160 or XA-200 if your speakers are easy to drive.
Very sweet but clear treble, live human voive and accurate image.
thanks for your comments. I am certainly not a Krell basher--and in fact the Krell bashers on Audiogon have been quite quiet lately--I own and enjoy my 400cx amp. It was just that the Pass X-1 was a huge improvement in the system so I was wondering if there could be a similar improvement if I chose the Pass amp line.
Ive never heard the cx series amps but I did replace my fpb 200 with an x-350 and the improvement was quite dramatic.