Krell vs Mcintosh

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, but would like to get some views or experiences from this forum. I presently own a pair of Krell Evo One's and am considering trying a pair of Mcintosh 1.25kw. After reading a review from UtraSoundstage about the 1.25kw's, it made me feel that perhaps the Mcintosh amps might have the power and speed for the subsection of my speakers, that, by the way are approximately 2.5 ohm load. If anyone has any thought or experiences please let me know, thank you.


Welcome to the forum, can you list your system? What speakers do you own, etc.

The recent Krell XD range with the iBias technology is amazing. My dealer who stopped selling them when they moved production to China in the early 2000s started carrying them again like 2 years ago. The Duo 300 XD with the matching preamp is already incredible, their monos must be really something.

@avjunkie Greetings.  You could also consider the Hegel H30A (or H30 used).  1125 watts is mono but can also be run is stereo mode at +/- 450 watts per side.  I own them and love them.  Worth a look 


I just purchased a pair of MC611s. I could not extend my budget to the 1.25Ks. The baby 611s are incredible! The best bass/mid-bass I have ever heard, with a beautiful midrange. Being that I am a "bass head," the only other amp I heard that controls bass as well would be the Gryphon Diablo 300. I think my 611s are better; the highs of the Diablo can be a little bright, though. I have heard that the 1.25Ks are better in every way than the 611s.