Krell vs Parasound

Krell Ksa-300 vs Parasound Hca 3500. I currently use the Parasound in my system and just bought the krell can I expect a big improvment? Will have the Krell soon
Ha-haaaahhhhhh!!!!! That is great news!!!!! Pleased to hear it. Enjoy!! pls continue to post!
ksa 80 owner here.
All things work together but,with krell pre and B&W speakers all wired with kimber.
I have work with many combos for many years to get this magic. your post..was waiting for your thoughts on the Krell..figured you would say that...enjoy the Krell..Parasound makes some really nice gear...but it can't compare to the Krell. I've owned the JC1's..HCA3500...and many Krell amps from the KAV series to the FPB..and Krell outperformed the Parasound in every way..the JC1's were a big me at least..not saying they were bad..just can't compare in bottom end control to the Krell..have fun!
HCA is older - second tier - Parasound gear. A more accurate comparison would be with their Halo line - the JC-1 monoblocks (for example) are - IMO - far superior to the KSA-300s.
Well, I guess I should have read the whole thread before firing off a response! Congrats on the new purchase Rvito - enjoy!!