KS-1030 VS. Nordost Quattro Fil

I'm ready to take a high-end cable plunge, and I've heard good things about both the Kimber Select 1030 and the Nordost Quattro Fil. Does anyone have any recommendations or comments about either or both of these interconnects?
I had the Kimber Select in my system and was a bit disappointed. The Nordost cables are terrific, especially Quattro Fil and Valhalla.

I lean toward the Quattro Fil.

Good luck!
I have kimber select 1030 in my tube based system and perfer it to the Quattro Fil. It all depends on system matching and experminting. Try both and you decide for yourself. John
I (the poster of the original message) have heard KS-1030's and 1020's in a friend's system. He had 1030's from pre-amp to amp, and 1020's everywhere else. It was tough to tell how big a difference there was between 1030's and 1020's. Either way, the KS cables sounded extremely detailed, but not too warm or "emotional," so to speak. I guess I'm wondering how much a difference Nordosts would make...especially the Valhalla, if anyone's had the chance to hear them. Thanks to those members who have already posted to help me out!
Hi Thedautch, I have used both the Quattro fil and the 1030. I felt neither of these ICs to be any better than the Coincident ICs. Then I saw the Sakura OTA thread and thought I would give there wire a try. IMO,the OTA ICs are not just different but outperform the above mentioned ICs and all other ICs I have heard at a fraction of there price. Don't let the price or the looks of this stuff fool you. I just replaced several thousands $$$ worth of wire for this silly cheap looking stuff. This is one of the best audio moves I have ever made. Please read the Sakura OTA Kit thread.