KT-88's better than EH ...

Without spending a small fortune.

I really have to say that with running all EH tubes in my Cary CAD 50MkII Monoblocks...the sound is so absolutely palpable and REAL through my Ushers. Not a trace of bothersome and fatiguing sibilance with the system tweeked from the listening seat.The bass very very good too. The EH seem to have excellent tonality, body, resolution, and great dynamics as well.

Im wondering if those who may have found a better sounding KT-88 than the EH without killing the bank account would comment on there move.

I know that I may have a nice synergistic match, and may be hard pressed to better the sonics ultimately, and I can easily live with that of course.....and have tried several NOS input 6SN7's and KT-88's....BUT..always seem to prefer the EH combo. Quite a tube!..

Would the new reissue Tung Sol KT-88 better the EH??..I hear the orig. TungSol is superb..but Im not willing to pay the frieght..and certainly the Orig. British Genelex are out.

Any info from those who have bettered the EH...please comment.

Many thanks/...Ken
The Penta version with the 3 holes in the plates is the KT88-98 tube that you can buy through several online outlets. Penta advised me that they substituted this tube for the solid plate "KT88SC", when they were sold out of the solid plate version. The solid plate which is the true "KT88SC" that "I believe" is sold exclusively by Penta. There's a thread on Tube Asylum in which a Penta rep confirms much of this. In any event, you have to call Penta to ensure that you get the solid plate version, if thats what you want. I haven't compared the two, but the solid plate tube is very good.
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Recently there has been a seller on ebay with these solid plate Shuguang kt88sc. I emailed him the Penta link and inquired whether his are the same tubes. He confirmed they were. His handle is "thenidge".

His BIN price for a pair has ranged from 42.50 to 46.50.

I don't see any there currently, so to see them, goto "advanced search" and do a "completed items" search for his name "thenidge". For some reason, searching on "kt88sc" doesn't return them...even though it is in the title.

Anyways, it looks like he might have some quantity and is dripping them into the market just a few pair at a time.

on Ebay, if you search on "kt88sc" you will find the tubes I referenced above. It looks like he puts up 2 pair at a time, and sells with BIN only.
Thanks guys for all the nice info and recommendations. When I first posted this question re: KT-88's...I was using a Cary CAD 50MkII, but now using a Cayin A-88T/KT-88 tubes. From what I understand, Cayin uses the Shuguang KT-88. and they have the 3 hole plates. I may seek out the solid plate version from the links provided. Does anyone else use the Cayin amp with these tubes and switched to the solid plate tube?,,,,,Thanks.