Kubala-Sosna Cables..... I don't get it ?????

Why aren't these cables more widely used by us audiophiles....??? I've been auditioning these interconnects sent to me from a dealer and these are good.....My other cables on the short list to listen to are the Synergistic Absolute Reference X2's, Purist Audio Dominus....they are sweet, coherent, detailed and not popular.....I don't get it !!! Am I missing something ????? Are they just the flavor of the month cable ????
To answer a couple of your questions:

You're not missing anything - these really are phenomenol cables. A lot of people are indeed using these cables. Do a search here and you will see this for yourself. And no, these are not the flavor of the month for those of us who have had many in our system at once.

I had the pleasure of Joe Kubala visiting my home and we configured my system entirely with the K-S Emotion. Quite frankly I had never heard another system sound as good as this on that day. These cables brought life to the SoundLab speakers driven by the CAT JL-3 amps that caught me by surprise.

With all this said, shortly thereafter, I was also able to directly compare these ICs with Purist Dominus B and power cables to Dominus B and C in various links in my system. It comes down to a personal preference here. The K-S Emotion has a blacker background, and thus ultimately greater resolution on the top-end that the Dominus does not convey. But the Dominus brings on slightly greater dynamic contrasts, a greater foundation in the bass (never sounding boomy) and a portrayal of lower-midrange textures that is very evident in male voice and piano. These are not subtle differences. And these differences are consistent whether you compare the ICs or power cables. I have had the opportunity to hear the Dominus speaker cable but I understand this to be quite a phenomenol cable.

I am not a big fan of the word "synergy" but each of these two cable lines will benefit different systems and different links in each system. These are both at the top of the class and it truly comes down to personal preference.

A local audiophile (Jadem6) and I have been trying various combinations of the Dominus and Emotion in our systems and sometimes it is not simple as to which way to go. Both of these are excellent and each brings on a different focus to the music. You simply have to try them for yourself as there is absolutely no such thing as a best cable.

The new Purist Aqueous Anniversary could change much in the context of value. So you might want to investigate this as well.

Agree with John, these cables are the real deal and are not as much a secret as you'd think. I've just finished wiring virtually all of my system with Emotion ICs, PCs and speaker cable (only the outboard phono stage to go) and can only say that it's a pleasure to listen to music through this system--these cables let you forget about the equipment and get caught up in the music. I'm a little surprised at John saying that the bass textures with Dominus are better, as that's one of the (many) strong points about the Emotion line of cabling, I'm hearing far better bass weight, definition and textures now than I did in the past. Part of it could be I have a biamped system with an active crossover that enables me to boost the bass below 220 hz; and part could be that the Dominus is just that good too. Obviously, auditioning these and other cables in your system is a must, but these cables are in the top class of what I've heard out there and in my system, and they have pushed all the right buttons for me.
Lots of hype. Nice product but no better than a handful of similarly priced products. We heard the same crap when the HT Cyberlights, Cerious ceramic, and any PAD new releases are announced. All are for sale at low prices now that "the thrill is gone". Ignore the hype; it eventually dies down.
I recently auditioned the Emotion speaker cables in my system and thought they were very good cables. Although in my mostly tubed system they were too warm and dark sounding to better my Valhalla's. The emotion just seemed too closed in on the top for me and the bass fuller sounding than I prefer. I then compared to the Audio Magic Clairvoyant 4D speaker cables. In my system these provided some of the warmth and body to images that the Emotion does but without sounding restricted on top and too full in bass. The bass was slightly deeper than Valhalla but just as tight. The only thing that neither the could get close to Valhalla was the ulitmate transparency and air around images. In the end I changed my reference from Valhalla to the Clairvoyants due to the strengths of the Clairvoyants in my system. I could see though in another system one could prefer the Emotion cables.