Kubala-Sosna Cables..... I don't get it ?????

Why aren't these cables more widely used by us audiophiles....??? I've been auditioning these interconnects sent to me from a dealer and these are good.....My other cables on the short list to listen to are the Synergistic Absolute Reference X2's, Purist Audio Dominus....they are sweet, coherent, detailed and not popular.....I don't get it !!! Am I missing something ????? Are they just the flavor of the month cable ????
Maybe Judy hasn't heard the KS cables, but there is a lot of truth in Judy's post.

Many here go through cables like toilet paper, each time proclaming the "new" cables are soooo much better than their current cables. Then along comes a newly hyped cable and the last "better" cable goes up for sale being replaced by the latest "better" cable.

When Cerious cables came out I auditioned them after reading some of the hype here. They were good, but I didn't think they were better than the cables I currently own. When I posted my listening impressions some responded with the usual "deer in the highlights" look. "What? Are you out of your mind?"

Fast forward a couple of months. There seems to be more than a few Cerious cables up for sale here in such a short period of time. I've seen it happen over and over (and if you are paying attention, you have too).

And many of the same names frequently pop up on the cable merry-go-round. Nothing wrong with having fun and changing flavors, but it does get old hearing about the "latest, greatest world-beater" from the same ole equipment junkies.

Think about it. If the latest, greatest cable was really that much better than the previously hyped cable and the previously hyped cable was that much better than the one before it and so on .... then the cable that was sooooo incredible four generations ago, in reality, had to have really sucked!
I agree Mr. Fiddler. This is the first time that I have thought about changing cables in some time. If I am going to spend that much $$$ on certain cables, they better be good as they will be staying in my system for awhile.
Garebear don't jump to conclusions. I have heard them and alongside Stealth Indra they finished right where they belong. In a far distant second place. How do you like me now?
There are many good brands on the market today especially those from the "cottage" cable makers. There is no ideal cable and system matching is important. This thread simply hypes Kubala-Sosna. Other threads hype RSA, Pure Note, Bogdan, etc. Audiophiles will choose the best match at the price they want to spend.