Kubala-Sosna versus Nirvana SX-Ltd


I'm using Kharma speakers and I see Kharma is doing a lot of demoing with the K-S. Did anyone hear these (speaker)cables yet (i.e. Fascination) and compared them with Nirvana Sx-ltd (as speakercable)?


Renaat Mattheus
I did replace my Cardas Golden Reference with K-S Fascination speaker cables. I love it, very neutral, detail and musical. I never tried a chance to try the Nirvana yet.
I have never yet try out the Nirvana. But I replaced my Golden Reference with K-S Fascination SC. Sound much more neutral, detail and musical. Joe Kubala had a 30 days free trial. The next level up is Emotion, a much much better cable and more money.
There is actually another level between Fascination and Emotion, the Expression series which I believe is priced between the two. All three make up what they're calling their RevolutionZ Series. They also have two other series below the Fascination.
You're right. In fact, I replaced with the Expression. But I tried the Fascination. I think the Expression is a good buy. I like both the K-S SC and PC....but so so for the IC.
I haven't heard any K-S product but found the Nirvana SX-Ltd disappointing in several different systems. It wasn't hard to find other alternatives that I preferred, in almost every case for substantially less money. I'm currently using Grover UR5 interconnects and UR speaker cable in my main system (Walker/Shelter/PhD, Herron VTSP-2, Yamamoto A-08, Avantgarde Duo 3.2). Good luck.