Kudos to Audience Customer Service

Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently had a great experience with Audience upper management regarding a cable issue. No need to get into the details here; suffice it to say that they went "above and beyond the call" for me. And this for a product I purchased used here on the 'Gon! Great service; thanks Audience!!!!
I fully agree with Swampwalker,I've had superb communications with the folks at Audience...but unfortunately,their dealer in Singapore is just so bad;they carry just way too many products and do not represent Audience as it should
I sent Audience an E-mail with the Serial Number of a used power conditioner I'm thinking about buying... and in less than 10 minutes Audience responded identifying the exact date it was manufactured. Audience is a very impressive organization to say the least.
I also recently had a wonderful experience with the folks at Audience. Unbelievable customer service coupled with the fact that my new AR6t has to be state of the art in power conditioning. I wish all high end companies performed like this one.