Kudos to several dealers

In the aftermath of some heated exchange last weekend regarding a dealer ad, I wanted to offer some kudos to several dealers/people that are very professional and have given me excellent service:
1. Curtis Havens, owner of Advanced Audio in Tacoma, WA (and former co-owner of Havens & Hardesty, which operated many years ago in southern California);
2. John Rutan, of Audio Connections in New Jersey;
3. Leo Massi, of Hyend Audio in Massachusetts;
4. Richard Vandersteen, of Vandersteen Audio.

Thanks to all the dealers and their staffs who are honest,
hard-working folks who support our audio addiction.
Scott (Disco) is fantastic. Goes out of his way to take care of you and has the time to talk with you about your system and make recommendations without any hard sell at all.
In no particular order:
Jim and everyone at Thiel
Paul and everyone at P.S.Audio
Ken and the gang at Progressive Audio
Tim and the gang at Overture
Mike Leschner @ The Stereo Trading Outlet
Cable Company
Audio Advisor.
Someone should start a thread on BAD dealers?
I've got to mention both C.C. Poon of Monarchy Audio and Bobby Palkovic of Merlin. Both are very helpful, generous and kind gentleman.
I have only been to one dealer who hasn't treated me like crap, and that is Progressive Audio in Columbus, OH. Everyone there seems to be very kind and knowledgeable.