Kudos to the USPS


As most of you already know, I am not one to really shy away from controversy, even if it means letting people know when I receive inferior service. That being said, when I am delighted, I feel I should trumpet the provider as well.

In my audio and non-audio dealings, I have dealt with a variety of shippers.

DREADFUL(and I can't stress that enough) has been FedEX Ground.

But, Priority Mail from the USPS has always been very good. I am not sure why I am surprised by that, but I really am. I used to work at the USPS while in college, and I encountered the malaise and all that went with it first hand.

This week, I placed an order late Wednesday evening from a company in California. I live in Pennsylvania, and received a reply on Thursday stating my package was shipped. Lo and behold, when I got home Friday, there it was. Basically, a day to get from one side of the country to the other. No muss, no fuss. Nothing was damaged, and I would have gotten a smile and a wave from my postman had I been home.

Great service, and a great job.

Kudos to the USPS!!!
At the risk of sounding like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, I will simply say that I have mailed a LOT of audio gear and LP's by USPS during the past 4 years, and have not had a single problem. Priority Mail gets there fast, you can trace its movement using the USPS web site, and the insurance charges are reasonable. The USPS has made a real effort in recent years to become competitive with the commercial shippers, and they have largely won my business. It's also nice that I have a post office about 0.5 miles from my house, whereas the FedEx and UPS offices are a 20-minute drive.

Kudos, indeed, to the USPS.
When I have sold things to people here on AG, I use the USPS just for the fact that its just up the street from where I live while and the other two companies arent to close. Granted it costs me a few more dollars which I use out of my pocket but I can rest a little easiet knowing that somebody will get the equipment all in one piece.
I use USPS priority delivery/signature confirmation for items under $250 or so and there has never been a serious problem. However the tracking with USPS is primitive and they have no way of locating your package until it is delivered.

Twice I have had items that did eventually deliver but got lost in system and took 1-2 weeks instead of 3 days. If you call to find out where package is they cannot find it in their system, only record acceptance and delivery of package. This is where FedEX and UPS are superior, package tracking.
I agree that the postal system is capable of excellence. Most of my LP's are purchased from HMV in Canada and shipped via post (handled by both countries). I have yet to have one damaged and the cost is reasonable due to value and weight.

For shipments that require speed, FedEx overnight or same day is the best there is. I happen to be lucky enough to have dual discounts (Eastman Kodak and ASMP Photo Org.), bringing the price of overnight service BELOW the cost of USPS by several dollars.

If you have FedEx account, you can fill out paper work via internet, get a rate and time guarantee, purchase insurance, print commercial invoices for overseas shipping and drop at the FedEx box until 8:00 PM and still get guaranteed delivery.

FedEx supplies are free and delivered via FedEx for free. Shipments are billed only after delivery, and if they fail to meet promised deadline, you are entitled to a discount BEFORE you pay.

When using on line services, the recipient is emailed tracking numbers, delivery date and a personal note from you. Upon delivery you receive delivery information as to who signed for the parcel. This is all automatic and free, and builds you a library of shipping profiles that allows you to deliver to that person again by pressing one button. If you are unsure of the address, FedEx will verify for free DURING the ship process, avoiding that parcel and your ship profile being filled out in error.

I've sold and shipped seven pair of Wolcott Presence 220 mono blocks via FedEx second day with no damage. This to locations all over the USA , with one pair going to an Audiogon member in Europe.

I don't dislike the USPS, but considering the 30 minutes in line compared to pushing the container into a FedEx drop box through your car window, there is no comparison. Especially for those of us that have both services nearby. This does not even take into consideration that FedEx allows drops up until 8:00 PM. This is three hours after the post office has locked its doors here in Dallas, TX.

For those with busy schedules, making the late drop at FedEx for two day can still beat missing the deadline at the post office, paying next day and getting same service for less.

I am not in disagreement with the quality of the post office. I think is it important to point out that for some of us. They will never get more than 20% of our business.

That being said, my wife and I "adopted" an American soldier (19 years old) serving our country in the middle east. The USPS is the only reliable way to ship our gifts to this young man. Bless them for that.
Yep, me too. I've shipped lots of smaller gear with the USPS Priority Mail and have been very pleased!