Kudos to the USPS


As most of you already know, I am not one to really shy away from controversy, even if it means letting people know when I receive inferior service. That being said, when I am delighted, I feel I should trumpet the provider as well.

In my audio and non-audio dealings, I have dealt with a variety of shippers.

DREADFUL(and I can't stress that enough) has been FedEX Ground.

But, Priority Mail from the USPS has always been very good. I am not sure why I am surprised by that, but I really am. I used to work at the USPS while in college, and I encountered the malaise and all that went with it first hand.

This week, I placed an order late Wednesday evening from a company in California. I live in Pennsylvania, and received a reply on Thursday stating my package was shipped. Lo and behold, when I got home Friday, there it was. Basically, a day to get from one side of the country to the other. No muss, no fuss. Nothing was damaged, and I would have gotten a smile and a wave from my postman had I been home.

Great service, and a great job.

Kudos to the USPS!!!
Yep, me too. I've shipped lots of smaller gear with the USPS Priority Mail and have been very pleased!
Why THANK YOu,THANK YOU VERY MUCH...{ELVIS}.....I only ship with MY EMPLOYER..and I do have a co-worker named ELVIS....
Hey Y'all,

I've been sending and receiving almost everything I've bought or sold here on Audiogon through the USPS and I have never had a problem. I stopped using UPS because they destroyed a speaker I purchased right in front of me. Fed EX is to far away to be convenient and I've just gotten to trust the USPS so much, I can't see going anywhere else.
I will jump on the USPS wagon too. The 2 day service is a great bargain. If you have a large heavy item to ship and are not in a great hurry, go Greyhound. The buyer just has to pick it up at the bus terminal.
Hello, dear fellows Audiogoners.
I live in Sicily,Italy, and have already used several times your Postal Service to get here at my address most of gear I've bought in Usa via Audiogon.
Happy to say I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM and found it very cheap also.
Thanks USPS!
Vito Emmolo