Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??

Looking for some commentary. Narrowed my search down to a few remaining tables, and these two are of interest. Wondering if anyone out there owns or has owned either and can comment? 


I've had the P8 and P10 together in my system with the same cartridge for a lengthy period and the P10 is better all around. Not significant, but just better in every aspect. 

I can't disagree more with rossb but we all hear thing differently. I can only go by my experience and the handful of friends who also heard the comparison and all agreed the P10 is overall better. Not bright, not analytical, but retrieves all the music as it was recorded. Yes, it will present bad pressings as such, it's not hiding anything with a warm blanket. 

Give your cartridge time to break in, as well as the table. It's not really fair to give an immediate evaluation, especially on a new cartridge. I'm glad you are starting to experience the difference!


thank you, great advice. I am reserving judgement from now until I feel its run-in. I'd describe the table a neutral, compared to my last table anyway (Mofi Ultradeck) which had a warmer presentation overall. I do love the tone arm on this table, it's so beautifully designed. My one peck at it so far is this damn merino wool mat they use sticking to my records! Not all, but some I need to destat. I might trade it out for a Stein mat anyway. 

I will say this, the Cart I am using (umami Red) definitely sounds better than the MSB Premier DAC I had for years and sold recently, so there's that. I have zero complaints on the price of the Umami Red, in fact they could charge more. 

@jc51373  Nice cartridge for sure! I've read some really positive things about that and other hana carts. I am using the Apheta 3 as it was designed using the Rega tonearm and it's set and forget. But I've used other manufacture carts in the past such as you are doing with great results (Lyra is one example).

Do you clean your records? I found my VPI 16.5 has reduced if not all together gotten rid of the static cling.

@dbagstrick I have not cleaned them yet, but that is on my list of things for sure. trying to decide to just get a $200 set up or go big. I will keep this in mind though. 

Well here is a new and unexpected wrinkle in my time with the P10 so far as I audition phono stages.

I have a Konus 1000 Phono stage in house to listen to (it’s wonderful), with my P10 it’s making a very undesirable, very audible hum to my speakers. This is mainly due to Regas old school ground wiring scheme from back when MM was more popular. Most companies (technics for example) have moved away from that to full balanced wiring.

This will likely preclude me from using any dual mono, (possibly fully balanced) Phono stages without living with this hum issue. This to me, is yet another limitation to the Rega tables, and to me the P10 shouldn’t have this lack of flexibility at it’s price.