Kumza Stabi S or Rega P10 ??

Looking for some commentary. Narrowed my search down to a few remaining tables, and these two are of interest. Wondering if anyone out there owns or has owned either and can comment? 


Can I just say that’s my experience from various auditions - I hasten to add I’m no authority and each to their own

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I don't understand a high end turntable without VTA. When I go from a Dynaflex to 200 gram I adjust VTA.

Kuzma too dull

Not my experience at all. With the right cartridge and arm Kuzma tables have so much life and energy when the music calls for it.

Been running the p10 for a solid few weeks now every day. Love the table, love the catridge. Happy with the choice. Compliments my gear VERY well. I put the P10 on an HRS, not sure it even needed it but sure looks nice. 😂

Overall set and forget it fine for me for now until I get the itch again. This is however an EXCELLENT turntable. Lively and neutral with great bass.