Kuzma 4 point 9” or 313VTA

Which arm would U chose for Stabi S pr Stabi R? 


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I’m not, but if U don’t what I’m asking, I rather prefer some user/expert opinion.


If U don’t know what I’m talking bout, why bother in post? useless.

I own and enjoy the 313 on my Stabi Ref 2. The 313 VTA leans to a full, meaty sound, but still has the ability dig in and extract plenty of detail. The adjustments are so easy. I stumbled upon a video recently with the top dog designer from Ortofon. Leif is his first name... It was a setup video with an SME 5, where he went through VTA, VTF, Azimuth....it didn't appear as user friendly as the 313, so it made me feel pretty good. I have no experience w/ the 4 pt/9, but I have heard it may not be as full sounding as the 4 pt/11. I would speak with a dealer if your intention is to buy new...it could come down to synergy with the Stabi S. Are you leaning toward the black or gold. Nice table!!!

A shot in the dark: I have both arms mounted to my lab table. I have NEVER listened to my lab table nor either of these arms as I only use the rig for cartridge analysis. If you live close enough to Sonoma County, CA feel free to come by for an evaluation shoot out between the arms. I might even have two of the same cartridges to mount to each so as to make the change between them a quick one. You can be my excuse to make it the first time I've heard either arm in play!

(I use the 4Point as my main arm and love it)