Kuzma Stabi R mat?

Just received my new Stabi R.  It is a very nicely built table and sounds more present and dynamic than my previous setup.  I am currently using a Etna SL on a Kuzma 4P9 on the right wing.  Initial impressions are that this is a synergistic group (cartridge/arm/table) and allows deep information retrieval. 

This is my first Kuzma table.  In the past I used various turntable mats until I settled on the sound of the Achromat.  The Kuzma looks engineered to use its own integral mat (which is cushioned) and not an aftermarket addition.  Just wondering if any other Kuzma users out there use a specific matt?  I am inclined to use no matt at all given the table surface seems designed to do just that.  I have also never had a spindle with threads for a screw down record clamp. I have the heavier HRS record weight which did nice things with my previous table in combination with the achromat.  Any one using the screw clamp with their Kuzma? 


Don - I will pm ya with extended listening impressions so as not to hijack thread, already good to great thread by OP.


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Thank you so much.... I'll look forward to your PM.

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I think it’s unanimous - Franc Kuzma knows what he’s doing!

I think he is unique in that all of his offerings are World Class without subscribing to any one specific dogma - very refreshing to say the least!

I use a Stabi S12 table, and Ref 313 arm....on my table I find the German Pathe mat (rubber&cork) to be excellent. I am running an Airtight PC-7 thru my Modwright Ph 9.0.

I sometime prefer for some lp's no mat but somehow in my system this works best often with the mat.I have used many other mats in the  past including the Boston Mat 1 (carbon fiber) and Funk Firm 3mm , I believe it depends upon your system, room and musical tastes......agree Thom is amazing and fun speak to on all things analog.