Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD

Hi there!

I love these three turntables and can get them a reasonable prices.

Wondering which one should sound more meaty, clearly or analog if that makes sense.

Woodpecker 2 with Thomas Shick 12" tonearm , platter inertia and PSU Linear.

Kuzma Stabi R with 4point 9".

Thorens TD 124 DD

Differences are the Kuzma is 700€ expensive than Feickert and 1.000€ than the Thorens. (if I want the wooden plinth then is 1.400€-1.700€ expensive).

Thanks in advance!

PS: not interested in other brands, cause in these particular three models have a nice discount :)


The Kuzma Stabi R on a good Isolation platform like a Vibraplane or MinusK is a very difficult turntable to better. The only turntable in this price range I prefer is the Sota Cosmos due to it's magnetic thrust bearing, vacuum clamping, enclosed suspension and proper dust cover. The Cosmos is limited in the tonearms it can take while you can put anything in multiples on the Stabi R. 

I'll see you in Axpona 2024!

I would buy the 2-motor Sikora for less than half the cost of the 4-motor Reference. Four motors is a ridiculous idea, to use Mijostyn bluntness. Belt creep and belt slippage are guaranteed. Not to mention motor noise and the issue of synchronicity.

Not to mention more than $20,000 extra for 2 superfluous motors and the hint of better materials without explicit description of what that might be.

After living with a fussy thread drive table for several years, using the Stabi R/4P9/Vibraplane combo has been an absolute pleasure. As @no_regrets might say, I have no regrets.