Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD

Hi there!

I love these three turntables and can get them a reasonable prices.

Wondering which one should sound more meaty, clearly or analog if that makes sense.

Woodpecker 2 with Thomas Shick 12" tonearm , platter inertia and PSU Linear.

Kuzma Stabi R with 4point 9".

Thorens TD 124 DD

Differences are the Kuzma is 700€ expensive than Feickert and 1.000€ than the Thorens. (if I want the wooden plinth then is 1.400€-1.700€ expensive).

Thanks in advance!

PS: not interested in other brands, cause in these particular three models have a nice discount :)


I would buy the 2-motor Sikora for less than half the cost of the 4-motor Reference. Four motors is a ridiculous idea, to use Mijostyn bluntness. Belt creep and belt slippage are guaranteed. Not to mention motor noise and the issue of synchronicity.

Not to mention more than $20,000 extra for 2 superfluous motors and the hint of better materials without explicit description of what that might be.

After living with a fussy thread drive table for several years, using the Stabi R/4P9/Vibraplane combo has been an absolute pleasure. As @no_regrets might say, I have no regrets.



I've listened to a Feickert at a dealers and thought it ok but have heard the Stabi R at dealers many times and always wowed me! Big difference in presentation, the Stabi R was more focused with more energy and better pace to music.