L.A. people help


I'm getting gouged on shipping 35 laser discs out of L.A. to my home in Santa Cruz. They want $45.00 and they also want to ship Priority mail why I don't know. I feel like making them ship to my family on the East Coast just to prove a point. (What that point is, I'm not quite sure :^) Does anyone have the time to go pick these puppies up for me and ship them UPS ground? There's a copy of Princess Bride in the batch for your trouble or maybe one or two of the other ones. I'll owe you!

Hi Kub, Nice to see you back in the forums, even if it's only for a brief moment. Isen't it nice to know that when you get to N.Y. all you have to do is hook up your computer and all your imaginary friends will magically come and visit you :^)

I actually worked it out with the seller. UPS was about $16.00, Media was like $13.00 so I sent him $20.00 and called it good requesting that he ship UPS. That way I get the free insurance and the free tracking #

But wait a minute, Isen't Santa Cruz sort of on the way to N.Y. from L.A.? What do you think Kub? I'll throw in Sandlot too if your interested :^)
UPS was $16 and media mail was $13? that's surprising because i've been sending 60 pound boxes of LPs for about $14 and i thought ups would be 2-3x that. Hm.
It's a short distance that's the key in using UPS. UPS to N.Y. would be about a buck a pound