Lack of Female Representation

So who can explain the near lack of females in our hobby?  There are far more women discussing football than audio, by a long shot.  There are a lot more women into fixing up their cars as well.  I just can’t think of a hobby, other than ours, where representation is so close to zero.
I've been in the same home for 30 years now. Every couple years we have the septic tank pumped. Always without fail it is done by a man. Never once has a woman come out. At least with audio there are some women who are into it. Septic tank pumping, not a single one. 

There's your market. What can you do to get more women interested in a career pumping septic tanks? Get on it!
Treat a female with respect...not like she's simply clueless about everything. If she's a music lover, ask her what she likes in and about music. Ask her if aesthetics are important if the system is going to be living in her common areas of a home. Seek out her music for her. Present something new that she might like based her preferences. Sometimes pull out a great recording that will simply knock her socks off sonically.

Ask what she's comfortable spending on components...leave the high cables out of it. Show her some good quality equipment that will be reasonably reliable. Does she have a record collection she's been storing for future enjoyment? Or does she prefer the ease of digital formats? 

For mobile listening with a phone, suggest some great noise cancelling earbuds, like those from Jabra. Does she work out? Need water proof/ sweatproof, that will accept incoming phone calls with out a hitch, and can even work as a hear-through noise cancelling device that you can leave in the ears?

Treat a prospective female customer with respect and patience, and you'll have a longtime repeat customer. Young women are busy these days, as are young men, under 35-40, with young kids...who typically don't have lots of time or patience to assemble a prized music system, and many young families will opt for a home theater system as a gathering centerpiece. 

Truly highend audio comes a bit later when the responsibilities shift away from raising kids through high school and college...and vintage audio from the 70s is huge right now. It can be a starting point for future high earners. It's what their parents listened to growing up in the Golden Age of Hi-Fi.

Women are not dumb...and typically have more acute hearing than men. Female "audiophiles" are a bit more practical about the gear. Performance/value has been my experience...but they need to be able to hear it to justify it.


Waking up an old thread.

I live with wife, two daughters and a female dog.  My listening room is the only room in the house where the dog refuses to go.  The two legged housemates like music, but not music while remaining static.  My spouse gets angry when she sees wires and bass traps.

I can’t speak to why there’s a lack of female representation. I ran into an interesting experience, though, in regards to an inlet to my wife having a better understanding about a year ago. She had never been to a brick-and-mortar Hi-Fi store. More attention was provided to her than me which made her a participant in the conversation regarding audio - she naturally garners attention when she walks into a room, but this was different. I think this helped normalize the hobby for her - seeing that I’m not some odd duck amongst our peers/generation (late 30’s/early 40’s). Probably owe that store a beer or two now that I think about it - or better yet a future purchase. Found it interesting nonetheless.