Lack of popularity of Chord???

Hello.  I’m wondering if anyone knows why Chord products are so rarely discussed on this forum.  I own and love a Chord Dave DAC/headphone amp, and I’ve considered including a Chord amp to go with the Dave, but I’m wary of this choice because Chord seems so unpopular on this forum.  Not that it is a popularity contest per se.  But is there something I don’t know about Chord products in a full size system?  I t would drive Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers. I’d be grateful for any and all feedback.
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my apologies for not fully understanding your original comments being focused on chord’s amps only... i didn’t read your comments carefully

you are correct, chord amps (aside from headphone amps) are not broadly covered by the usa review media... they are expensive and have the same ’house sound’ as the dacs it seems... utter clarity, excellent prat and speed, maybe a touch upfront, a touch lean... there is more coverage internationally...
No worries, thanks for the links. At their price it was too much of a risk for me not hearing them. 
I own the mojo and have demoed the Hugo TT with headphones (never speakers) which I will would love to own. 
At least on this board people (primarily from the US with a universe of choices) are looking for more value in their purchases.  IMO Chord doesn't really provide that.  Their products seem way overpriced given their insides, and better SQ can be had for much less money.  Their cases, probably expensive to manufacture, are pretty to some eyes, not to others.  
I'm not sure if I'm adding anything, but I was a Chord dealer in the 90s. At that time their advertising stunk. It was all about their skinny and cheap looking cables. We had every cable they made. The ONLY thing they ever sounded good combined with was Naim. When I visited Naim, I learned they were in bed together. No wonder.What I am saying, is anyone over 50 will likely think of Chord as a strange cable company, and not about hifi gear.