Lack of popularity of Chord???

Hello.  I’m wondering if anyone knows why Chord products are so rarely discussed on this forum.  I own and love a Chord Dave DAC/headphone amp, and I’ve considered including a Chord amp to go with the Dave, but I’m wary of this choice because Chord seems so unpopular on this forum.  Not that it is a popularity contest per se.  But is there something I don’t know about Chord products in a full size system?  I t would drive Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers. I’d be grateful for any and all feedback.
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Some people enjoy a bright aggressive detailed sound. To them, everything else sounds veiled. 
system matching and finding synergy across the chain in a way that suits one's tastes is the key to finding happiness in this pursuit
jjss49, I really appreciate your comments, and I appreciate this last one the most.
I had a Hugo 2 but didn't care for it that much and replaced it with an RME.  Now I've replaced THAT with a DAVE and an M Scaler, and that so totally rocks my world. Now looking forward to my new headphone amp.
it is true that chord makes amp and preamps, they were an earlyadopter of switching class d amps

Chord amps are not class D, they are class AB with proprietary and smart switching power supply.