Laid back DAC under $800?

I've always been pretty sensitive to highs (it sucks).  Just got a Topping D70 and really like it but it's hard to listen to for long at decent volume.  Any recommendations under $800?

Thanks all!
OP,  It might be wise to "borrow" or test a couple of different speakers to see if you respond differently to another option besides the Vifa Radiator Ring tweeter in those Onix.  Perhaps a silk dome or ribbon implemented like the Golden Ear? A free test is never a bad idea. 
I’ve got the Black Ice tube DAC. Love it. I would say it’s neutral but for sure isn’t harsh. I changed to early GE5751s to focus the mids and sounds lovely 
@andr3wd -

Thanks for that! Unfortunately, I can't find any place to buy it that will allow a return if I don't like it.  Ugh! Have you compared it to anything else? 
The D70 is an very good implementation of an AKM chip... way more laid back compared to ESS chips. 
If you want a more “soft“ DAC, I suggest you go Multibit ladder. Schiit is on the low end and great way to dip your toe in without a huge investment. Chord is really solid on the higher end...