Laid back DAC under $800?

I've always been pretty sensitive to highs (it sucks).  Just got a Topping D70 and really like it but it's hard to listen to for long at decent volume.  Any recommendations under $800?

Thanks all!
Right now I'm down to the Schiit Gungnir ($1,200) or the Jolida Black Ice ($695). 

I found a place that will take the Jolida back if I don't like it (10% restock).  

Maybe buy both and A/B? 

I didn’t AB the Black Ice with anything else but did try different tubes. Settled on warmer GEs versus the Tung Sol reissues it came with. That said, the amp tubes have more effect 
I have a Nuprime Dac10 and its stunningly good.  I still suspect the highly directional radiator ring tweeter might be giving you too much of a spotlight effect and choosing something with more dispersion may do the trick. It never hurts to test and try.
I recently bought a Gungir Multibit (gen 2 udb, which I don’t use, thats why gen 2 wasn’t a deterrent) for $850.

I love it!  Great dac.  Needs to be left on all the time though.  Comes to life, even buying second hand, after it’s been on for 2-3 days.

For fun you could put headphones on and go online and listen to frequency sweeps.  I did and it was an ear opening experience. I have sensitivities around 1khz, 4.5 khz and again around 8-9khz.  Im also slightly deaf in my right ear between 4-7khz and nothing over 15khz. So much for having the golden ears I thought I had.