laid back, warm interconnects with tight bass clean highs

can someone suggest RCA interconnects for a laid back, warm mids, tight bass and extended highs but not harsh at all. Must be super smooth.
I forgot about Tara's and some of the Audioquest's might also work. A lot of it will boil down to being system dependent, personal taste and budget.

Thanks to Jonathan ( Jtinn ) for suggesting Jena Labs. I've heard / read about their stuff but never did any digging. Finally looked up their website and took a peak:

While i'm sure that the parts quality is quite high, the design of the IC's look quite high in capacitance. I did notice that they have NO technical specs whatsoever listed on their site. Given their reputation, i'm sure that they would be glad to divulge such info during a phone call though. Sean
I'll also suggest Cardas Golden Cross, very detailed, balanced tonally and can cure a little solid state harshness. The mids are just slightly warm not overexagerated and the resolution is close to some of the pure silver cables without their tinkly top end.

The Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II is also an excellent cable. Both of these can be had used here at audiogon quite affordably.

I'd suggest you check out the classifieds here. There is a pair of AQ AudioTruth Diamond X3 cables available. I have had a pair for 2 years, and have absolutely no complaints with them. I find they provide better bass than Cardas Golden Reference, great mid-range (only bettered by Nordost Quattro Fil in my system), and extended, but not harsh highs (not as forward in my system as Nordost, Kimber and some others I have tried). These might just fill the bill.
Thanks to all you guys for your posts. I just spoke to George Cardas who says as follows:

If the room has slight echo for whatever reason, go for the Golden Cross but if the room is soft, practically perfect, go for the golden reference. The bass of the Golden Ref is tight but a little softish than that of Golden cross.

Any comments, please from users.
Arupg, thanks for relaying that piece of advice. The Golden Cross is working great for me. I hope you're happy with the cable you choose. Good luck!