LAMM M1.2 - Feedback - Advice - Please - anyone heard these?

Folks - anyone that can share anything about LAMM or specifically the M1.2 would be greatly appreciated. 
Looking for thoughts on these or LAMM in general. I have never owner this brand and want some advise / feedback and to learn more from actual people / other members.
To provide this you



If you want to know why and what my thinking then please read on.

Thanks so much for anything you can share. 

So here’s what I am up against. 
I want / need that tube goodness in my sound but must also have that SS grip, bass control, transparency and image precision.

Have been looking and trying for the right amp and/or Pre combo mix.
SS alone doesn’t get me there - need that tubeness that only tubes can offer but I only want a little or just enough of that tube goodness.

What I also need just as much or even more is that SS transparency and their hold and tightness and precision. My speakers are not hard to drive but still tube amps are too loose - too wide and soft. Not enough specificity and SS is missing something as well. That natural, real closeness only tubes offer. I need the right blend. 
If I was to guess the sound would be say 83% SS and 17% tubes. Transparency, grip, precision and control is so important to me but then bathed in just the right amount of enough tubeness to just hit the nail right on the head. Yes it’s a tough and picky ask. 

The tube sounding SS gear Pass and Soulution doesn’t get me there. 
SS amps and Tube preamp have not got me there. Each time I tried a different combo I ended up liking my DAC direct over the tube preamp and that of course was not getting me. 
My speakers are pretty easy to drive Focal Sopra 2. I love these. They are bright, tight and raw. Their brightness needs to be tamed with a musical and warmish sounding source and warmish sounding sounding amp/Pre combo. 
My source is a Bricasti M1SE DAC / built in Roon End Point Ethernet Streamer and Preamp all in one. I love the Sopra 2 because they act like monitors with bass. They have the transparency and precision like a monitor. I liked better then Sopra 3 that is more like an excellent floorstander then imitating a monitor with bass. I like Sopra 2 better then my former Magico S5 MKII I had before also. I’ve learned over time what I like and what is most important to me. Extension, speed, transparency, image and sound precision and I don’t need all world bass slam but enough decent bass to do the music justice. Monitor can’t do this without subs but I also need coherence which is so important to the precision and transparency. That is why subs don’t work for me and Sopra 3 or S5 MKII didn’t work also. The Sopra 2 is a monitor lovers dream with monitor like everything but better dynamics and bass but I regress.  With all of this said I’m thinking maybe this LAMM M1.2 can pull off what I’m hoping for and if anyone has any info or similar situation would love some advise, feedback or comments. 
Thanks for the time and help !!!!! 
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Fatdaddy2 - we all have music on when writing on here. They go together like Mac and Cheese. I’m legit trying to get feedback about a used amp I may buy with never hearing so just trying to accumulate some extra info. My system is no where near megabuck either? It’s not cheap but not even close to megabuck. I do like think it is a bang for buck rig SQ wise can compete with my more expensive systems but it’s still a lower class high end system at best. 
I have a pair of Lamm, ML2.2 monoblocks I like but would be willing to part with if your interested. I also have a Lamm LL2.1 preamp that I would part with although I really would find it hard to part with that one, it really works great with my Classic Audio T3.3, Field Coil Horn speakers 
Fsmithjack, I still recommend you to seek and try out the Absolare Hybrid Amplifier which has all the traits and musical qualities that you’re searching for!  Extremely musical and so organic with tons of emotional connection with the music...fatigue free!!!