Lampizator Amber - moving up the range?

Hey all,

I have a Lampizator Amber plus. I've managed to get massive improvements to it by putting rare NOS valves in. Really liking this piece of kit. I feed it with an Auralic Aries streaming Tidal. 

What are the higher range Lampizators like? Would I see a small or large improvement from upgrading?

Thanks, Tim
I have a Lampizator Atlantic SE, it is a very nice addition to my system.  I have no plans to upgrade, I see no point in doing so... plus the high vertical cost to upgrade is a deterrent. As already mentioned,  don't buy into the hype and enjoy what you have.
OP as you can see here one prominent poster falls into the flat-earther category and would rather attack than answer your question. You’d do best to just ignore.

Lampizators sound better the higher you go in their range.
I agree with jaybe. Moving from my  ol’ Lampi L4G4 to my Atlantic Plus (or “SE” as maxboy calls it) was a totally new and better sound in many areas. Then hearing the new Golden Atlantic “TRP”  was yet another uptic in analog-like presentation with rich, realistic and detailed tone, timbre and harmonics. 

My preferred method to use Lampizator is with vol control straight to amp, as I’m personally a ‘limited tube usage’ kinda guy and don’t like stacking to many tubes in a system, even though I feel they must be somewhere in there to ‘get me there’. That’s why the second arm of my system is ss DAC to DHT tubed preamp. 

With a nice trade-up policy or rebuild/upgrade option, it makes it easy to move up if you’d like.  
I, too, have found that you get better musical realization as you move up the Lampi range.  For me it has been Big 7 >> GoldenGate >> Pacific, so I cannot comment relative to your Amber DAC.  I liked all three DAC's I have owned - - it just gets down to budget and willingness to suffer the diminishing returns of the financial proposition.  But there is more to be had.....
Hey Jbrrp1. I'm PCM only for this. Understood that there's a difference. Any way you could explain what they're like? Thanks