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Why so much Lampizator gears for sale those years ???
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I believe Wisnon is correct...once you get a taste of how good Lampizator is you tend to want "more/better" asap. For many it is the quickest way to jump through levels of improvement in your system in a very simple way. In my 30+ years of audionervosa I have always had 'someone above my $$$/equipment level' and someone 'behind me'. When the top dog buys better, I scrimp and save for his 'hand-me-down' and the guy 'behind me' does the same for mine....It's worked successfully for this long and sites like this one propagate the chain.
I went from my first Lampizator, a Level 4, to a Big 6 and finally to a Big 7; all in a very brief period of time. Best equipment choice(s) I've made [as far as system sonic improvements/satisfaction] in a long long time.
Great stuff. Good luck and happy Lissn'n.
I still have a loaded Big6 available, for anyone interested. I've had many different dacs in my possession but this is clearly the winner. I've sold off my entire system so I have no use for the dac anymore. I could have gone with any level, but after talking to different people, I thought for regular cds the Big6 is the way to go.
I also have a BIG 6 loaded for sale....going up the Lampizator line! Selling at 50% off and there's no waiting!
Why so much Lampizator gears for sale those years ???
upgrade to DirectStream? LOL!!!