Lampizator Questions

Hello All-

I’m wondering if there are any long time Lampizator owners here that might be able to answer a few questions I have about the product line specifically with regards to the nuances of tube rolling, the digital boards and the build quality between models.



I checked out your system page- nice setup! Having gone through various upgrades with your Lampizator have you had issues with the output gain? Are you driving your amp directly from the dac?

@designsfx , Thanks. 


So far, no issues driving my Viva  IA, from the Lampizator.  Typically,  when I switch  between the Amp and the DAC,  I let it run that way for a few months.  Also recommend by Lampizator dealer is to turn the DAC volume between 1-10dB when used as a adds some richness.  

The only issue I had with the DAC, is that the left channel stopped working,  it was dead and not a tube issues, it was repaired under warranty. There have been no problems  post repair.



Been using the Baltic 3 for over two years and it has been solid. Build quality is very good and am super happy with the sound attributes. As the B3 has no VC it has the high / low gain switch which I run in the high position. I can run it in either position with my preamp but I do think it sounds slightly better in the high position. With regards to tubes, the rolling part is fun if you are into that sort of thing.  Swapping each of the positions has a noticable effect and allows you to tweak the sound to suit your preferences.


I like your system- straightforward digital! It’s good to hear that you’ve not experienced any type of distortion issues while using the high gain setting without the volume control version of the Baltic as I’ve read that the high gain setting on the Baltic is 6v (which seems high). I’m wondering if there would be a difference between your preamp and the one I own or if running at the low output setting would work. Seems the level adjustment options are different with the volume control units. Either way- Congrats on your system!

My Pacific with VC ran direct to Aries Cerat Essentia amps.  My Horizon also runs directly to Amps.  IMO, the pre-amp portion of the P and the H are good enough to where you do not need a Preamp.