Lampizator Questions

Hello All-

I’m wondering if there are any long time Lampizator owners here that might be able to answer a few questions I have about the product line specifically with regards to the nuances of tube rolling, the digital boards and the build quality between models.



My question was relevant since it was pertaining to the Lampizator DAC.  In regards to your advise - "Why not ask Lampizator this question".  Well, my intention was to hear from knowledgeable, unbiased users of Lampizator, and not directly from the company. 

I wonder, why anyone would be so upset and use derogative tone.   I usually call this time of people like you - An emotional Terrorist.  Good Day. 

I saw a notification on this thread and realized it was one I started almost a year ago- time flies! I want to thank @chilehed ​​​​@maxboy00 for their honest responses and advice, I really appreciated the information.

After seeking more information, more research and more listening I ended up ordering a new Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP3 balanced dac. I had been considering a T+A Dac 200, Rockna Wavedream Signature and (for a short moment) a DCS Bartok Apex. After hearing a mind blowing demo with a new Baltic 4 I decided I would pursue a Lampizator. 
The beginning of my search started with an older balanced Golden Gate and Pacific which were both available on the used market but after conversations with Fred A at Lampizator NA I decided to try the latest TRP with engine 11.

I have to say that although my impression of this unit was a little rocky at first this Dac has become the center of my music system and is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I was advised (warned) by some that the Lampizator all comes down to the voicing and that the tube selection/matching is the most crucial element when it comes to “dialing in” what is already an amazing piece of equipment.

Although it was frustrating at first (and semi costly) I was able to determine through experimentation which tubes I wanted to go when it comes to how they worked within my system. After roughly 4 months of buying, burning in and listening I was finally able to land at least four quads of power tubes and multiple rectifiers that all deliver variations of what I was looking for. 
All in all this story has a happy ending. Every time I sit down to listen I’m amazed at the improvements that have been realized and what’s really great is that as I continue to seek out and purchase more variations of tubes within the families I use things just keep getting better. 
Although the Golden Atlantic TRP3 is not the top tier model produced by Lampizator I have been told by others (who own Horizons and Pacific’s) that it is the sweet spot of the product line. All I know is that it has been very rewarding for me so far and I highly recommend this product to anyone who wishes to experience what a great tube dac can deliver.


Wow! @designsfx , congratulations on the score and the journey. Adding the B3 to my system was transformational so I can only imagine what the Atlantic TRP does for yours. All the best going forward!