Lansche speakers. Your impressions.

Some say they are among the very best and that the plasma tweeter is incomparable.
I've spent many an hour listening to Lansche 7.0 driven by a pair of Ypsilon monoblocks and have to say it's some of the finest sound I've ever heard - big, effortless, dynamic and lifelike.  If I had the cash and the room, they would be at the top of my list.
inna, without my ever seeing in person let alone hearing the 8.2 model, I wouldn't at all be surprised if it were the best (or certainly within the top 10 or so) set/pair of speakers money (albeit six figures of it) could buy.  

I have Golden Ear Triton One. I'm not surprised that there is at least some indirect similarity. How so... both use a  D'Appolito layout and as to the plasma tweeter, Sandy Gross himself has stated that an ionic plasma tweeter is in fact the very best technology can offer. GET did there best with the HVFR tweeter in the Tritons to at least try and approach the performance level of the plasma. Plasma/ionic is not implemented in the GET design because of (a) cost and (b) safety (I forget offhand what the hazards are but I believe they include fire and potential of gas leakage, inhalation of which can be fatal). Presumably Lansche has figured out a way to avoid the safety concern.

If I were in a money-no-object situation I'd GET (no pun intended) the 8.2 in a New York minute. 
Wonderful speaker however you must spend big bucks to make them sound great.

Of course. The least expensive Lansche are about $35k. You would need at least $25k - Ypsilon integrated - to make them sing.