Last night at Chapman Audio Systems

I wish all of you could have experienced what I experienced last night at the shop of Stuart Chapman Jones of Chapman Audio Systems. Stuart hand builds Chapman loudspeakers and has done so for several decades. His speakers have a reputation for superb build quality and for their ability to perform way beyond what one would expect from a speaker at their price point.
Many audiogon members are familiar with the Chapman products and the reputation that they have. Stuart is constantly seeking ways to make his already stellar products even better.
I live 3 miles away from Stuart and we get together at his shop at least once a week for critical listening to whatever pair of speakers he has going in the shop at the time. It might be an older pair of customer T7's that are in for the T7 upgrade program (which is phenomenal I might add), or it might be the latest new pair of T6MKII's or T77's. Regardless of what speaker model is running, it's always a lot of fun as well as a learning experience for us both. Our sessions ultimately benefit all Chapman owners.
Last night we had our first listen to my new pair of T6MKII's. Brand new, unbroken in, less than 24 hours on them...and they totally blew us away! These speakers do everything right! Unbelievable performance from a speaker that stands around 40 inches tall. They are quick, transparent, HIGHLY detailed and musical, and they fill the room with the biggest, most holographic, highly energized soundstage I've ever heard! Words cannot even adequately describe the experience! We literally got POUNDED by these speakers! We were swimming in soundstage. I wish all of you could have experienced it with us because words are inadequate to describe it. Most of us seem to be on a quest seeking musical nirvana. I think we heard it last night at the shop!
I don't want this to sound like an ad for Chapman Audio Systems because it's not, but I did want to share my astonishing experience with anyone interested in hearing about it. I'm not professionally affiliated with Stuart. We're just good friends and have been for over 20 years. I've been blessed to spend countless hours with him doing just what we did last night. Except last night's session was beyond our wildest dreams! I'm a lucky audiophile indeed!
The T-77 is the top of the Chapman line; the T-6MkII is likely now above the older T-7 model. From what I gathered talking with Mike F, he and Stuart prefer the sound of the T-6MkII to the T-7.

Being halfway across the continent and never hearing the T-77's prior to purchase, - I did own two pairs of T-7's, I can't comment on comparison directly of the T-6MkII and the T-77's. Mike (and of course Stuart) have heard both on the Chapman Audio Systems rig.

I'm sure Mike will post a review of his brand spankin' new T-6MkII's when he gets a moment. I have posted review of the T-77's on the

Your best way of ascertaining the differences would be to call Stuart directly; he could tell you precisely, technically as well as experientially, what the differences are. 206-463-3008 Leave him a detailed message, if necessary. He can also discuss surround/center speakers. He does custom installs in homes, but I'm not familiar with any surrounds/centers. They may exist, but I've been focused solely on two channel.
Just a quick follow up. The Chapman web site is now up and running. The address is:
I just purchased a pair of the Chapman T-6 MkII on the GON. I had a pair of the original T-7s that were damaged in shipping.

I have had them shipped to Chapman to see what "upgrades" are available. I expect that these may be the last set of speakers I buy. Maybe you will get a chance to listen to them along the way.