LAST record preservative

I have noticed a slight reduction in highs after applying LAST record preservative. However, if I use Disc Doctor record cleaner after applying LAST preservative the highes seem to return to normal. Does the preservation effect if LAST still work if I use the Disc Doctor solution after the LAST solution has totally dried? I listen to my LP's daily and don't want them to wear out too fast if possible! All of my LP's are cleaned on a VPI 16.5 with Disc Doctor Miracle wash prior to play back or treatment with LAST preservative. Thanks for any advice, or feedback!
If you are recleaning your LP after you apply the LAST preservative, you are in effect negating it. I have never noticed a reduction in highs after using the LAST preservative. I have thousands of records that have the treatment. I wet clean and dry mine first using a VPI RCM, then apply the LAST treatment. I've been doing this way for almost thirty years now. This method has worked wonderfully well for me. In fact, I have never played a record without this method. I can pull out a record that I did twenty years ago and sounds like new...
I forgot to add that I have always used the LAST Stylast treatment with all of my cartridges and records. LAST claims a "chemical bond" between the preservative and the Stylast. Maybe that's why I have never noticed a reduction of high frequencies? IMHO, I REALLY like the LAST product and what it does.
Mofimadness, have you listened to your LP's before and after the treatment of LAST preservative? I clean my new and used LP's with Disc Doctor Miracle cleaner on my VPI 16.5 and then let then dry. I will listen to the whole LP. After I have listen to the clean LP, I will clean the same record again and then apply LAST. To my ears, the high frequencies seem a bit rolled off. I am following the directions for applying LAST. Is it possible to over apply LAST?
Mofimadness, I have LAST stylast treatment. I will give it a try with the few LP's I treated with the LAST preservative. Hopefully, that does the trick. I am new to vinyl and have read so many good and bad things about LAST products. I am just very cautions about these different products. Most of my new LP's range from 30-50 dollars a piece, so I want to make sure that I am doing the best thing to preserve the record, and of course keep the sound quality as perfect as possible. Thanks for your input.
Rick...the LAST preservative evaporates so quickly, I can't believe you could over apply it. In the very beginning, (many years ago), I did listen to many before and afters and was totally sold on what the LAST did. I haven't done it recently because I believe so much in the product I never questioned it. I know there are some who doubt what it does, but to my ears, I really trust it. This has been debated many times over, but I am on the PRO side of LAST. I guess I can let my records speak for themselves as to whether it works. I buy probably 10-12 new records a month, so I understand your concerns.