LAST record preservative

I have noticed a slight reduction in highs after applying LAST record preservative. However, if I use Disc Doctor record cleaner after applying LAST preservative the highes seem to return to normal. Does the preservation effect if LAST still work if I use the Disc Doctor solution after the LAST solution has totally dried? I listen to my LP's daily and don't want them to wear out too fast if possible! All of my LP's are cleaned on a VPI 16.5 with Disc Doctor Miracle wash prior to play back or treatment with LAST preservative. Thanks for any advice, or feedback!
I have used Last record preservitive , stylus cleaner and stylast treament for years and years. I absolutely agree with Marty's statement. It does not roll the highs but removes the grain.I beleive it also states on the instructions you cannot use too much as to cause harm to the vynil. I find it works best with the stylast treament for each side of play on Lp's treated with preservitive. Best used Lp's I have purchased were from owners who used it. Understandable as anyone who goes to the trouble also knows how to handle and shelf Lp's properly. I cannot state knowledge of other products as I have not used them, I stick with what I know for me works. Cheers..................................
Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate all the great information and advice from you all. I am new to vinyl, so all of your experience really helps! Some of you have mentioned that by applying LAST preservative, there is a reduction in grain at higher frequencies. Would you please elaborate more, or describe what you are hearing or not hearing. I have treated several more of my used records with mixed results. I have noticed that the highs seem to be a bit better if i use the Stylast treatment with those records treated with the preservative.

Do most of you use the application brush that comes with the LAST kit, or do you use an aftermarket brush. Also, do you use the recommended amount of fluid for each application, or do you find that you need to add more fluid to the brush? It seems like the fluid visibly evaporates after a quarter of a turn on my VPI 16.5 when I use the recommended amount fluid per the instructions. Should i be repeating the application so visibly I can see an even distribution of the LAST preservative on the LP?

Thanks again for all your help and info!
The first thing that occured to me was what Marty T posted. I've been using LAST since 1980, and never sensed a loss of anything but noise/grain(a parallel to Mofi's experience). My systems have always been very resolving, BTW. The creator of the Disc Doctor line obviously doesn't understand the difficulty of removing an agent that has molecularly bonded itself deep(relatively speaking) into the vinyl. If Disc Doctor COULD strip LAST from your vinyl: It WOULD also remove all the vinyl's elastomers. That would result in very brittle vinyl and irrepairable damage, every time the album was played afterward. YES- Use STYLAST as well(another excellent product).
I have no doubt that the compound does what is claimed as far as chemical bonding, etc. I don't have any doubt as to what the results sound like. Muffled. That may sound like graininess and noise being removed to some, and to some extent it is. But to my ears nuances and decays are not as extended. A bell still sounds clear, but the ring decay is much shorter.