Late Night Jazz

I like to keep my late night listening sessions simple— my favorite leather chair, a small fire on a cold night, bourbon (neat), and jazz that has a beautiful simplicity. I often reach for Chet Baker: Chet (OJC-087). To me it is relaxed, intimate, uncomplicated. There just seems to be space between the notes, and they just float. I am looking for other suggestions like this. Preferably on vinyl. Thanks.
Charlie Haden / Kenny Barron "Night and The City"

It’s a live recording and you’ll feel like you’re in the room.

Eddie Higgins Quartet "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

Features Scott Hamilton. Lovely.
Those OJC reissues are really pretty good.  Several years ago I purchased a lot of them through Acoustic Sounds  if my memory is correct.  At the time, a bargain, for about $10 each.
@bdgregory .. thanks for sharing "Soulville". Very nice album. Not only had I never heard this one but you reminded me I don't listen to Mr. Webster enough.