Latest Pink Moon Reissue

Anyone have a chance to hear the new vinyl version of this classic? I've got the Simply Vinyl issue which I think sounds pretty darn good (though I have read some pretty strong criticism in other quarters). Also, is my information correct that there will be a "regular" version to follow the pricey box version that will have the same sound quality at a cheaper price?.
The soon to be released box set Bryter Layter, is priced at $60.00. This is a deluxe/book version of his second LP. Pink Moon, his third LP, is still $100 for the box. This is from from Acoustic Sounds website. I never heard either of his first two records, PM was his third, and LAST. I do want to check out them out, because PM IMO is brilliant. I wish all reissues for $25 were this good. Only quibble would be no nice poly inner sleeve. They chose to use a nice paper, and duplicate the artwork. Changed that inner sleeve, and I was camping in style. Cheers -Don
I got the Pink Moon deluxe box for 59.99 from Sound Stage Direct. Last I checked they still had some in stock. It is a great album and the sound quality of the reissue is flat out addictive. I don't know for sure but I heard that the regular album reissue may not be the same pressing.???
It's a great record. Sonofjim- You have me curious, but mine sounds sublime. I will have to post a photo here, of my album/jacket, if I am able to do so. For $60, I would have ordered the box, maybe I still will for completeness sake.