Laurie Anderson "Homeland"

No in depth review here but it is simply outstanding, ranking with the best recordings she has done.

More of a return to the narrative style's from United States era but with the savvy and wisdom gained from years as an artist and observer of the global/human condition.

Highly recommended.
Gee Dgarretson, then you must love the "-ism" that Obama has brought to the USA, specifically "Socialism".

Oh well, only two more years before he's gone!
Hopefully, he will not do too much damage before then.
Laurie Anderson is a very unique artist, her music is in a genere of one. I just finished recording her LP "Mr. Heartbreak" to tape on the reel. I will get "Homeland".
Thanks for the heads-up. I'm a big fan since the 80's. I will definitely pick up a copy.
Good to see so many appreciate her.

Rereading my original comment and a few more spins (of the hard drive) and I may have overstated the "narrative style". There is a dramatic return of the Voice of Authority in the 11.5 minute centerpiece "Another Day In America" but most is musical, just more subtle and ethereal with loose structure. I am liking it more and more every listen and it has the type of depth that I'll unravel over years of listens.

She is one of the very few artists that takes me far away with the first sound of her voice. Maybe some of it's me and the years of hearing her but it's so hypnotic and moves me into another place...and only her music, her voice, can get me there.