LCD Screen Size

I'm dying to dump my old boxy curved screen 32 inch JVC T.V. I live in a little place and my watching chair is 8-12 ft from the t.v. I'd love at least a 32 inch widescreen LCD but thinking my budget will only allow 23-26 inches. Do think this will be too small? I was hoping the widescreen cofiguration would offset it somewhat. Thanks.
LCD prices are dropping thru the floor recently, what size is your budget? 16x9 aspect ratio will require a BIGGER screen to give you a satisfactory viewing experience.

Why not go for a rear projection LCD? They offer a larger screen and much better picture for less money.
As a owner of a rear projection LCD at 60 inches I will say that it really depends on the Viewer. I cant imagine less than HUGE, but my next door neighbor uses a 24 inch LCD and just loves it, however I easily prefer mine.

Remember that WIDE SCREEN is a format that is not often used on general tv programs and a fair share of movies, resulting in a smaller overall picture.

When I sold electronics I recommended that clients purchase as big as they can afford without stretching the budget.