Leaky capacitors need replacement?

These need to be replaced, don't they?  

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I replaced all the tubes and my amp is still sputtering so next I’m off to a tech to replace those caps and hope that’s the issue.  

Talk about going around the world and the thread becoming a cluster**** of info just thrown out there.
This could have been fixed over a week ago, if you just replace those leaky cheap caps to start with.

Cheers George
I'm in the same boat with my RM10 MkII....same caps have gone south and leaked....anybody know of a good, available replacement that fits easily?  TIA!
Replaced my RM10 caps with the Nichicons George recommended in 1st paragraph, thanks George!.  All is well except the bias won't zero down and there seems to be a low hum over speakers at idle which I don't think was there before.  When the caps went bad the bias couldn't be zero'd down either and the hum was louder.  Otherwise it's holding bias steady at 28mV and sounds fine.  Could 12AX7 input tubes be the culprit?  Uncoupled the CDP player (which I run direct into the amp) from RCA inputs and same low level hum at idle.  Sure wish Roger RIP was around....