Leave preamp on all day, off at night

Finally had the funds purchased my first tube hifi component, an arc ref 3. Very happy with purchase so far but has raised a concern. System is in main living room - wife and kids listen casually through day - non critical listening. I listen (more critically) for 1-2h at night when they are asleep.
Im used to solid state components that stay on all day long.
Question- is it a problem leaving the valve pre on most of the day, on most days of the week? Is it really just a matter of burning through the tubes faster,  or are there other expensive delicate components in there that don't like being left on all day? Thanks in advance 
Clearly the answer for tube longevity is to never turn a tube amp on at all...this does have an impact on the sound of your rig as there will be none, but the tubes will last MUCH longer.
@divesh and others, this may help shed some light on the subject.

May I present Exhibit "A"

"Getting the most out of Vacuum Tubes," by Robert B. Tomer


The topic begins at the bottom of p. 96 and the answer can be found on p. 99

You can download an read the book at your leisure.

I believe the key factors are the design and mfg’s estimated life expectancy of the tube.

If a manufacture states that a tube has a life expectancy of say 10,000 hrs., then a tube that is on 24/7
will obviously not last very long. There is approximately 8,760 hrs in one year.

Using the above as an example:

Given a life expectancy of 10,000 hrs. - 8,760 (1 year) = 1,240 hrs. of useful use remaining.

There are other factors obviously that will contribute to the useful life of a given vacuum tube.

So, there is probably no definitive answer. It will depend on the tube, usage, etc.

It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t kind of scenario.

My experience has been that an hour warmup for a tube preamp gives you at least 99% of what you get from leaving it on 3-4 hours aforehand much less all day.  So my suggestion .... turn it on at dinnertime or before getting the kids to bed, and be happy that you are getting virtually all that that preamp has to give.