leben cs600 + shindo aurieges

Hi all!

Noob question: I've got a Shindo Aurieges that I'd like to use as a phono stage as well as a preamp for my Chordette DAC before I run everything into a Leben CS600 (original model).

Firstly, should I send the Shindo to the pre-amp or the Line 1 on my Leben? What are the advantages/disadvantages of either configuration?

Secondly, what's the optimal way to set the volume between the two for best sound? Is there a rule for how high I should crank the Shindo before I rely on the Leben's volume control?

Would appreciate any insights anyone can offer!


Line 1 on the Leben is the line stage. Use that for the Shindo. Does the Shindo have "tape out"?  If so, use that into Line 1 because it bypasses the Shindo volume control. If not, then set the Shindo volume control at 12 O'Clock. You can then raise or lower it depending upon the gain/sound levels from the Leben.

I can understand wanting to use the Shindo phono stage into the Leben. But why not just connect the Chord DAC into Line 2 of the Leben? No need to put it through two line stages!

There's no tape out on the Shindo. Only "output".

Why is it better to use the Line 1 on the Leben as opposed to the pre-amp in? (Also, I don't think either input bypasses the Shindo volume. It seems to work in both contexts.)

And I could definitely plug the Chord straight into the Leben. I was doing it just to get the Shindo sound first, but you're right that it might be better without.


Preamps with a "tape out" bypass the volume and tone controls. You are stuck with the Shindo volume control. The Chord DAC will sound the best if it only goes through the Leben line stage - input 2.