Leben RS-30EQ phono stage

Anybody heard the supposed over achieving MM phono stage?
I have one running along with my ARC Ref 3 and it is very nice. I have only been using it for about 40 hours so I'll get back when i have more information.
I have one in my system with a Bent audio step up. I plan to get a London decca so then i will be able to comment on its performance sans step up but i am very happy as is. Having said that I had an Allnic 1500 in my system for a few days and did think it had a touch more richness which I loved made me wonder what the Allnic 3000 must sound like. On MM phono stages your choices are limited maybe an Audio Note (would love to hear one as i have a Audio note M3 Line stage) or Tron. I enjoy the seperate step up - one can really taylor the sound.
I have a chance to pick up one of these (still on warranty, but used) for the same price of a new EAR 834p. Unfortunately I don't have th e option to listen to it.

Any thoughts of how they compare soundwise?