LECTOR ZOE pre A'gon owners /Tube rolling:

Is there any A'gon members own a Lector Zoe pre-amp and what tube's over all D'Best? Any feed back pls.?

Btw, I am currently using a 6922 tubes and I am kind of satisfied for now. I tried nos 7308 and heard no difference?

HOW ABOUT 6H30P TUBES? is is really that good?

my system are:
Threshold 4000 S/S 200 watts Class A
Jollida JD-100
Von schweikert VR-2 Speaker

I tried different tube variants when I owned a Zoe and kept coming back to the 6922. The 7308 is a more robust 6922 and is in the same family. Personal favorites were Amperex PQ White label 6922 or 7308. Depending on your system, using other tube types may help push the sound one way or another, but I thought the 6922 variant let the Zoe sound the best it could be.
A while ago I was using Sovtek 6922 and it was good enough..2 hours ago I did replaced it with Amperex PQ 7308 w/ gold pin. I heard it will take a while before it will settle and sing in my Zoe.
So far in a 2 hours range I don't hear the difference yet.

Thank you very much for your feed back.pescolar
Hello Guys,

I tried all the tubes possible on the Zoe and the best are the ECC82 Long Plates .. Mullard , Telefunken or Siemens but strongly the NOS
Now I'm listening with ECC82 Siemens Long Plates 5814A and my taste prefer this tube to the Mullard and Telefunken.
I had good result with 12AU7 GE Long Black Plates but the three European Sisters are better.

My Cent!